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Air Hammer - GP-190C
Model: GP-190C
Air Hammer
Air Hammer (3500bpm, Round)

Round Shank
Piston Stroke : 67 mm
Stroke Speed : 3,500 bpm
Net Weight : 1.50 kg
Length : 171 mm
Air Cons. : 0.11 m3/min
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Hose Size : 6.5 mm
Sound Pressur : 99 dBA
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Vibration : 8.4 m/S2
Packing : 10 pcs/0.8 cu.ft/G:16.5 kgs
1. 401" chisel shank opening.
2. Positive action trigger to control speed.
3. One-piece housing design and hardened steel barrel construction for long life.
4. 3,500 blows per minute .
5. Comfortable handle.
6. Impact parts heat-treated for durability.
Ideal for muffler and pipe removal,body shop work,shock work, rust scraping and lightfront end work.
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Air Hammer

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