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We are a fully integrated Taiwan manufacturer and exporter, supplier Air Engraving Pen. We have high qualified and dedicated workforce which assures you of on-time delivery of high quality products. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
Air Engraving Pen - GP-940
Model: GP-940
Air Engraving Pen
Air Engraving-Scribe Pen (34000bpm, Steel Housing)

Housing : Steel
Stroke Length : 1.2 mm
Stroke Speed : 34,000 bpm
Net Weight : 0.24 kg
Length : 160 mm
Air Cons. : 0.05 m3/min
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Hose Size : 6.5 mm(ID)
Sound Pressure : 75 dBA
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Vibration : 2.9 m/S2
Packing : 20 pcs/1.74 cu.ft/G:7.0 kgs
The Air Engraving Pen is used to write on hard steel, metal, glass, stones, ceramic, plastic etc. also useful for debugg-ing, to reshape the cut on the screwhead or broken bolts to ease removal , and naturally,to personalise tools and other equipment in the workshop.
To obtain the bast marking, hold the pen near the front at sharp angle.
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Air Engraving Pen

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